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Pumping at work and cooler

I am going back to work next week, I have the medela pump in style.  I don't want to look like a bag lady going into work...But i want to know how does everyone bring and store their lunch and pump parts to work?  I plan on keeping my pump parts in a plastic container between pumping sessions,  Any bag that can store everything I need so I won't have to carry multiple totes?

Re: Pumping at work and cooler

  • My question too. I went to work today and I carried my pump and a small grocery style bag. I felt so weighed down!
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  • I'm a bag lady!  I have FOUR bags that I take to and from work everyday: my workbag with paperwork I took home to work with and my wallet/keys/etc, my pump bag, my lunch bag, and a tote with my pump parts/bottles/random crap I need for the day.  I keep my pump parts in a tupperware container to put in my mini-frige.  You can probably fit your pump parts and bottles in your pump bag, but I could never make them fit right.
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  • I bought a GIANT pretty purse at Target when I pumped.  It fit my pump, a cooler bag for milk, and another small lunchbox (cooler) for keeping pump parts cold between uses so I didn't have to wash them.  I also kept a snack and extra bottle caps in there.  It was a tight sqeeze, but everything was in one bag!

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  • I got  a giant zippered tote from LL Bean and that holds my wallet clutch, pump, cooler, bra, and lunch cooler. I leave the parts at work and have a spare set at home.
  • I was just waddling into work this morning thinking the same thing. I feel like such a camel with all these bags. I have my purse, my lunch bag, my pump bag and my work bag... I need to figure out a way to consolidate. Maybe I'll just pack everything into a little wheelie luggage bag, lol.
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  • I have 3 setups since I pump 3 times a day at work. I keep them in itzzy ritzy snak happened bags one bag fits two perfectly.
    I know it's a bit of a UO, but I don't use dirty parts. Alternately, you can probably fit everything needed in one of thier wet bags.


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  • I am curious about this too ...


    I am not back to work yet, but everytime I have traveled with my PISA, I have not worried about keeping the parts cooled ... I clean them after each pump with the medela wipes.  Is that not good enough???  After I wipe them down, I just put them back in the pump bag (i have the tote) on top of the cooler that holds the bottles. 

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  • I won't have time to wash my pump parts while I am working.  Lactation said you can keep the pump parts in the fridge between pumping sessions for 6 hours.
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