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baby mama yoga

I have felt pretty crappy up til this week and am going to head to a prenatal yoga class on Monday. I have dobe yoga for years. It's at a legit place and the instructor is suppose to be awesome. Has anyone else just started to get into an exercise routine again? Anyone do baby yoga? I am a bit nervous.


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Re: baby mama yoga

  • I have a prenatal yoga DVD in the mail. I can't wait to try it out!
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  • I did prenatal yoga with my first starting around 14 weeks. I loved it, and the instructor was also a doula and really tried to prepare us for birth, with squatting and visualizations. It's great. 
  • Oh awesome to hear!! Thank you


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  • I have no experience with it, but I'm going to be starting a prenatal yoga class soon too.  I am very excited.
  • I still go to the gym and just started
    Prenatal yoga today. I love it so far!
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  • I should add that I hadn't done any working out for the 2 years prior to getting pregnant last time because of a MS relapse, and I was totally fine in prenatal yoga. It was very gentle and if I missed a week later in pregnancy, I could feel a very big difference (hip pain). 
  • I did prenatal yoga classes with my last two pregnancies and plan to do it again this time around. Right now I've still been doing "regular" yoga.
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  • I need to find a prenatal yoga class near me.  I was in my regular yoga class on Saturday and realizing that a belly will definitely get in the way of some poses.  
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  • I plan on trying it out. There is a place here in my town that is just a motherhood studio with prenatal and mommy and baby yoga classes.
  • There is a weekly prenatal yoga class near me. I went for the first time last week and really liked it.
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  • I got a prenatal vinyasa yoga DVD a couple days ago and I LOVE it! It's very relaxing and I've always enjoyed yoga and have done it every week for a couple of years now so its great that I can continue it throughout my pregnancy.
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