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Private Rooms at Kaiser Zion San Diego?

I skipped the hospital tour but saw a shared room photo online and am curious now. I thought I was told that you get your own private suite for labor, delivery and recovery. I also think I read that shared rooms were being converted to private ones. Has anyone recently delivered here that can confirm?

Re: Private Rooms at Kaiser Zion San Diego?

  • I would like to know this as well...I'm 35 weeks and can't do the tour and refuse to share a room...not that I'm not friendly but that is such an important time for me to be alone with my little family and would rather it be private.  If you know or if I find out please communicate your findings!!
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  • I just had my baby in July at Kaiser Zion.  Your delivery room is private and you have two hours after to bond in the delivery room.  After that they take you to recovery (post-partum) where you stay until you and baby are released.  They try to keep your stay private, but if they get busy you will get a roommate.  They try to bunk people up with others who will be checking out soon.  The idea is to make people share for as little time as possible.  I did not have to share a room with anyone the whole time I was there.  I checked in Sunday morning, delivered at midnight, and checked out Tuesday afternoon.  It just depends on how many woman have babies the same time as you.

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  • From looking online, it looks like the Palomar Kaiser hospital gives you your own recovery room. I'm planning on touring both when I'm (much, hah) farther along. If Palomar guarantees your own room, then I'll be going there to deliver, even though I live in East County so Zion is much closer to me. That is one time where I don't feel guilty being antisocial!
  • Just my two cents here. I gave birth at Palomar in Escondido and yes you do get your own room. However with the exception of one amazing nurse that helped me relax and be calm right up until just before delivery (she stayed past her shift as long as she could) the rest was awful. Nurses during delivery were rough and bordered on downright insulting. After delivery we were shoved into a closet sized room in the children's ward on the other side of the hospital (because they were 'full') where our only visitors were the constantly hounding billing department. Was promised visits from the Lactation consultant and pediatrician and I had to get nasty to get anyone to come see us which for me is pretty bad because I hate to be even accidentally rude. 

    Zion in my opinion is so much better.I was there for a week during my 33rd week of pregnancy because I started into early labor and they were great, every nurse was super nice and kept me informed. I had my own room for the whole week and it was a full sized room. 

    Hope this helps a little.  

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