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Aw man!

I have to go in to the hospital tomorrow and get an u/s of my kidneys.  I have been having a lot of pain lately, and I found out I have a UTI yesterday.  We are making sure something else isn't going on up in there.   
Hoping it is nothing big!  I feel kind of stupid for letting the kidney pain go on for this long...!
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Re: Aw man!

  • Ick. I hate UTIs. I had a kidney infection last year from letting it go so long... naht fun.
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  • Ugh, so sorry to hear that. As if being pregnant didn't make you have to pee alot as it is! Good luck, cranberry juice helped when I had one in college!
  • Yes lots and lots of liquids...I had a kidney infection in college from being dehydrated which could very well be your case! But although having the urge to constantly go to the bathroom it does make it a little better when you actually have something to pass when you do have to go!
  • No fun! Hope all is well and that you heal quickly!


  • Yikes!  Good luck, and I hope it is something easy and simple to fix.
  • Don't feel stupid! I did the same thing when I was pregnant with DD. I caught mine at 12 weeks and the US tech let me see DD dance around. So cute. I wish DH had been there, prior to that she was a blob and we didn't get another one until 19 weeks. But anyway, its hard sometimes to decide what is normal and what is not when your body is going through so many changes as it is.
  • Booo, that's not fun. Hope you can get this taken care of quickly.

    I actually went to my Dr this evening because I had just started experiencing some strange pains in my left side (kidney area) around dinner time...then I also realized I had been feeling some pressure in my lower abdomen and felt like I had to pee quite often - even after having just gone. I didn't think anything of it because any of the UTI's I had ever had had always come on fast and furious. SO painful. This doesn't hurt aside from my kidney area a little but i'm not comfortable.

    She gave me a prescription just in case it got worse over the weekend while we were waiting for the cultures to come back. In the office she said it didn't seem abnormal but the lab may show something different so we'll see. At least she was proactive instead of making me hit the ER over the weekend and have to wait 6 hours for a prescription!
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