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6 wks and gassy.

I've been having bubble guts all week. Is there a safe way to alleviate this? It is kind of annoying. Also is ginger tea safe to use for morning sickness?

Re: 6 wks and gassy.

  • Simethicone is safe to take while pregnant.  
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  • Thank you, I may try this.
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  • Lol... man do I ever feel your (gas) pain! :)  Last night I was laying in bed and I know that there is no way I am feeling baby kick or anything... but I swear...it felt so similar!  But, then I was reassured it is just gas.  haha!  Pregnancy symptoms are not always so lady like  :)

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  • OMG this is the worst for me right now, as far as pregnancy symptoms are concerned. I have no remedies, but would love to hear some!
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  • I am dealing with this same thing right now. It is a pain (and painful!). On top of that, I have GERD. It seems like the reflux disease only makes the nausea and bloating and gas pressure ten times worse. I tried taking some Gas-X, but that didn't seem to help at all.

    It might be gross, but honestly, I just let myself burp it all up. As they say, it's better out than in! My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious; normally I would be embarrassed, but I have an excuse--I'm pregnant! 

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