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Would I know if something were wrong?

I know I should really try and not dwell on my unfounded negative thoughts, but I'm having hard time trusting everything is okay. Waiting for my first u/s next week is torturous! My blood draw last week good though - everything looked "great."

Would I know if something were wrong? I would have cramping and/or spotting or my sore boobs would go away, right? I feel like I want to keep taking HPTs to be sure I'm still pregnant!

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Re: Would I know if something were wrong?

  • I know how you are feeling.  I was worried that something was wrong and did not have any neg sym. Went to the Dr. yesterday and found a strong heartbeat at 10 weeks.  Prayer might give you some peace of mind, it has worked for me!!  Good Luck!
  • I just found out I am pregnant on feb 21. I took 3 HPT's but I can't get in to confirm everything until march 22 : in a strange way I like feeling the cramps, having morning sickness, and back pains .... It makes me feel like everything is ok... That my peanut is ok : I've also seriously considered taking HPT'S every week as well !!!
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  • Unfortunately, I don't think we could always tell if something is wrong.  I felt this way right before my ultrasound.  All of my symptoms went away two days before and I got really nervous.  However, everything was great at the ultrasound. Try not to worry and definitely try not to overanalyze your symptoms. Good luck with your U/S.

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  • With my MC I had no idea. I had a perfect US at 9w 2d and a great heart beat. I had all the classic pregnancy symptoms. We went back for the NT scan at 13wks and our little one was gone and had been for almost 2 weeks. I had no indication that anything was wrong.

     It has been difficult to trust this pregnancy. So I completely understand how you are feeling. But I do trust that my numbers look great, my symptoms are loud and proud, and today I am pregnant and I love my baby.  You will worry even when you know everything is okay. Then once you are holding that little one is your arms you will continue to worry. It is just what mothers do! =)

    Best wishes!

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  • just try to relax. even if there was something wrong, there's nothing you can really do. nature takes its course. you're pregnant until proven otherwise.
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  • I feel the same way. I just had a MC in Jan. I felt like I knew from the start. This time Iam overly paranoid.
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  • What you want to hear is.....I'm sure everything is fine. It probably is, but the truth is you don't always have issues or lack of symptoms before you have a miscarriage. And just because you get in there and get an ultrasound and see the heartbeat doesn't mean everything will be fine. The reality is something can go wrong at anytime....I have had 3 losses in 15 months. With all three we saw a strong heartbeat before something went wrong. I don't mean to be a downer, but this is the reality of pregnancy.
    Just be happy that today you are pregnant, don't dwell on what could happen.....
  • I had an early miscarriage, and maybe it was just coincidence, but I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. It just felt different from my previous pregnancy (which went to term) and I really couldn't tell you any reason why. When I started bleeding, I wasn't even surprised (not that it made it better at all but still). It was very strange. 
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