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We are cruising over Spring Break yea I will be 12 weeks the day we leave! I've been blessed so far this pregnancy and haven't experienced morning sickness. I asked my OB about medications I could possibly take on the cruise prophylacticaly for motion sickness which I am prone to and they suggested Emetrol. I've never heard of it and I used Bonine last time I cruised. I am looking for anyone who has had experience with Emetrol or cruising while pregnant, and how you managed any motion sickness issues! Thank you!

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  • I will check about the ginger pills thank you! I also noticed about the Emetrol it didn't sound preventative.. Which is more what I was looking for! I have taken ginger pills for nausea associated with my period when I was younger and it did work for me. I will check with my OB though. I am sailing eastern carribean and it's royal carribean freedom of the seas, I'm sure it's a large ship! This is the second time ill cruse, the first was short short short and I took bonine prophylacticaly and never noticed the motion! But idk how much the medicine helped or if your right and the ship was big enough and smooth enough that it wasn't an issue. I'm going with non pregnant girlfriends who may not understand if I am a party pooper..
  • Zofran? Drink lots of fluids, eat green apples. 
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  • Also wanted to mention that there are histamine receptors in the nausea centers of the brain so for some people benadryl can work nicely... Of course I would just take it in the evenings and be prepared to be conked out! :)  


    HAVE A GREAT TIME! :) :)  

  • So jealous you are going on a cruise! Hope you find something that works for you.

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