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Car seat question

This may be a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway. If you have/had a carseat with a pillow attachment like an arch shape that keeps an infant's head from flopping, at what age/weight did you quit using it? The pillow, not the carseat.
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Re: Car seat question

  • We stopped using the insert when he looked to big for it and uncomfortable. He was sitting more on it than in it.

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  • Our carseat said to use the insert until 11 pounds. We just took it out and moved the straps up. I didn't realize until we did that he fits much better now. You might just want to try it without and see what works better for him.
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  • We stopped using it when their shoulders got too wide to fit comfortably in the arch.  I think you will know when it is no longer comfortable for your baby.
  • I took it out after a month. She looked squished and it didn't fit right and I felt like I couldn't get her straps tight enough. She would try to sleep with her head cocked to the side and it would be in her way so she would put her head forward.
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  • Our car seat says to remove the newborn insert at 11 pounds so we took the bottom part out but the headrest thing is still in bc her head flops too much without it.
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