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So as of like about a week or so LO has started to pinch my nipple between her gums and pull her head back with it between her gums. This just happens randomly while she's eating. It hurts sometimes, but not always. She also doesn't always do it.

Any suggestion as to why she's doing it? She will be 4 months March 9th.

Thanks for any insight.

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  • She's 4 months it's normal. She's getting more interested in the world around her and trying to look around while eating.

    I found a blanket or burp cloth over lo face helped calm him down on overly distracted days.
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  • Thanks for the suggestion. :0
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  • My LO sometimes does this when she's trying to get another letdown, it feels like she's trying to rip my nip off.
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  • This happened to me also when DD was a little over three months and we had just stop using a nipple shield. I read up on it and found that sometimes babies will clamp down during feed to slow to flow of milk. I think for us, DD was trying to get use to the flow without having a barrier (i.e. nipple shield), she eventually stopped doing it.
  • DDs been doing this for a couple weeks too. I thought it was teething related but maybe I'm wrong. I tell her "no biting" in a firm voice and pull her off my nipple for a second. Then I put her back on as usually she's not done nursing. It makes nursing a little anxiety ridden bc she does it quite often and I never know when she'll strike!! It I accidentally shriek in pain and startle DH or DD1.

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  • I never paid much mind to the early bites until he got his teeth and drew blood.  I honestly think baby is too young for biting intervention.  I made sure not to flick or scare.  Baby is probably just checking out the rad world and doesn't realize that your nipples have feelings.  Beware of teeth though!


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