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OB/GYN recommendations Westside?

Hi ladies! I just got my BFP on 10/25/12 after almost 5 years of TTC!! Whoohoo!! I am currently under the fertility dr's at the Cleveland Clinic but, after my 1st ultrasound on 11/12 they will release me to a regular OB. Just wondering if anyone has any rave reviews about any Cle Clinic OB/Gyn's. I did go to Dr. Bowersox in Brunswick for an annual several months ago but, not sure I loved her so was looking for suggestions. Anyone used her? Strongsville would probably be my next choice of locations but...I am open to suggestions:) Also, any suggestions on where to deliver? I am leaning towards either Fairview or Medina. Pros/Cons?



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Re: OB/GYN recommendations Westside?

  • Westshore Primary on Center Ridge has wonderful OBS. I saw Jeffrey Christian there. http://www.westshoreprimarycare.com/physicians/
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  • I see Joan Jesse in Westlake.  She and her partners deliver at Fairview only.  Dr. Jesse is super-conservative in her approach to pregnancy care - most of me really appreciated how cautious she was since it was my first baby, but in hind sight, part of me feels like it was overkill.  For new patients, she'll only accept those who are pregnant.  It's a super-busy practice, and because of the nature of caring for pregnant women, they often fall WAY behind schedule.  Be prepared to wait for an hour or more past your scheduled appointment time.  Dr. Jesse was really attentive and easy to talk to, and clearly cared about how I was feeling and how the baby was doing.  Her medical assistant, Stacey, is the best!  Lynn Simpson was the doc who handled my delivery since it was on the weekend in the wee hours of the morning, and I saw her once in the office when Dr. Jesse was out.  I really liked her, too.

    As for my delivery experience at Fairview, the nurses were wonderful to me.  They were all the nicest ladies, they honored my requests, and were understanding about my 2 "coaches" being in the room with me the entire time (since DH didn't have the stomach to be there for the actual delivery, my BFF was also with me).  My only complaint was the lactation consultants - they were not helpful, and made me feel guilty when it wasn't working, even though they couldn't get baby to latch, either.  I had to be put on medication to manage my blood pressure during delivery, and had to stay in L&D for 24 hours PP, and because I wasn't on the PP unit, they were not responsive to my many, MANY requests to have someone from lactation come and help me.  But, the LC's are just a small part of the experience, you'll have to pardon a little bit of my bitterness.  If I have a second child, I plan to deliver at Fairview again, and would recommend it.

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  • Gretchen Fisher - she see's patients at CC Independence as well as Main Campus and maybe Beachwood.  I think she delivers at both Fairview and Hillcrest, but double check.  I've both worked with her and see her as a patient - adore her and she's an amazing physician.
  • Dr Betsy Patterson is wonderful!! She is at the Cleve Clinic Fairview Hospital


  • Dr. Anderson in independence. He delivers at hillcrest only though 
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