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Moving from EP to BF ...

Hi ... I have been EP'ing and feeding bottles for four weeks now.  Just this week (week five), we have finally had success where the baby will breast feed a full meal (previously, she would latch but only take about 25-30% of what she needed to gain weight).

So, since I have never been a BF'er, I am so confused now ... like when she feeds from one side, do I pump the other side afterwards?  How many times a day should I continue to pump?  I don't want to risk my supply. 

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Re: Moving from EP to BF ...

  • You don't need to pump the other side if one side provides a full meal. Just start baby on that side next time.

    You don't need to pump if baby is eating full time at the breast. Milk is supply and demand - you'll make what your body gets used to being removed. If baby is happy to eat directly, you don't need to pump at all. You CAN still pump 1-2 x a day, if it helps you feel more confident. 

    Congrats! I hope things get easier for you.

  • Congrats on getting your daughter to eat a full meal from your breast, that's a huge accomplishment! I'm at almost 13 weeks and sadly have moved from EBF to a combination of BF and pumping due to other issues, so I can definitely relate to the confusion of both pumping and breastfeeding.

    When I was EBF, I was taught that one breast was the "dinner" breast, and one was "dessert."  Once my daughter finished "dinner," I'd offer her "dessert," and she'd suck for a little bit (usually 5-8 mins) and then come off on her own, full and happy.  At the next meal, the breast she had for "dessert" becomes "dinner," and vise-versa.

    As PP said, it's supply and demand, so if she's getting all of her nutrition at your breast, you don't need to worry about pumping.  If you're worried about your supply, I'd personally make sure the breast your daughter isn't nursing on gets at least a little bit of stimulation at each feeding, whether by offering it as "dessert," or by pumping very briefly, for 5 mins or so.  But then again, I was so worried about my supply that I've pumped more than necessary and now I can't fit food in my freezer because it's stuffed with milk, so maybe I'm not the best person to listen to.

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