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HELP! Where's my milk?

I normally get 4-5oz each time I pump. This morning I only got 2.5oz so I made sure to drink extra extra water before my next pump. I just pumped and only got 1oz. Yesterday I had my usual output. Last week I did have my first pp period and output did go down by  half for a couple days, but went back to normal.  Is it just an off day or am I loosing my supply? Also, I took a shower around noon and my boobs felt very empty/nothing there.
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Re: HELP! Where's my milk?

  • could you be ovulating again???  that will decrease your supply
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  • I don't know if you nurse or EP, but I'd think that nursing a ton would help boost it a lot.

    If you EP, maybe try things to help without output like more massage, heat, watching videos of your baby. 

    I've heard calcium and magnesium around your period can help with the supply dip, so maybe try that? 


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