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TTM about possible Down's Syndrome

I had a lovely family and sweet baby come over to interview me for caregiver. It seemed to be a success and I think we have a deal. But I did notice something. The sweet little girl had many of the facial characteristics associated with Downs sydrome. Neither of her (bio) parents have similar facial characteristics. Is there another explanation for this? If she does have this syndrome do you think it very strange that the parents would not tell me? I will definitely take her either way, I just want to be prepared.
All my experience with Downs syndrome is texbook, maybe some of you ladies have more insight and experience. I know we have at least one FebMama who has lots of hands-on experience?
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Re: TTM about possible Down's Syndrome

  • I think they would have said something if she did have Down's Syndrome. It wouldn't make sense not to because they may be able to offer suggestions or ask you to work with her in different ways to help her excel. I know that I had a child in my care who was born at 27 weeks. She had little exercises that helped her and a special diet, so they made me aware. Maybe she was just a cute baby and it is nothing? I wouldn't outright ask... but my parents always fill out a little sheet that includes a section to indicate any medical information/allergies... in case of emergency.
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