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So Bloated!! Ugh...

I am just venting about how freakin' bloated I am...I am literally sitting at my desk with my pants unbuttoned! It's been awful.....any suggestions to alleviate this?Tongue Tied
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Re: So Bloated!! Ugh...

  • I felt like that yesterday ;/ I had a Dr pepper which i know was not good so I just not even touching those suckers anymore ... i have been drinking water all day today and have felt fine.

     Try some water and see if that helps out a bit ;/ and maybe watch what your eating , just a thought

  • Get a Bella Band. Wink Water is always a good guess for pregnancy ailments too. Sorry I don't have more. I have my bella band on now since I knew by about lunch time I wouldn't be able to button my pants.

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  • OMG I have been struggling with this as well. My pants hardly fit and it's not even because I am showing! I'm just so dang bloated! I've started eating smaller meals more frequently and drinking lots of water.

    Ginger ale helps because I tend to burp out all the excess gas rather than have it move through my system but everyone is different and if soda makes it worse I would avoid that!

    Also soups and lots of liquids with meals tends to also make me worse, FYI.  

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