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I'm six weeks today and lost 2 lbs , has anyone else lost weight ? I'm worried if this ok or if I'm not eating right or what :/ 1st doctors appt next week

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  • I always lose weight in the beginning...about 5 pounds until morning sickness subsides.  I have no desire to eat between week 7ish until week 12ish.  No worries...
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  • I lost a few pounds too. I don't think it's a concern. It fluctuates. I eat healthy and workout but nothing different than what I was already doing. I'm sure the weight will come. I've read that in the 1st trimester you should only gain 15 lbs. And that you really aren't supposed to eat more food until the 2nd trimester, and that's only about 150 extra calories. Not much at all.

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  • Thank you all I def feel much better <3
  • im 13 weeks and ive lost 10 pounds since i got pregnant!!

    i asked my doctor if it was okay and he told me if was fine up until the 28th week i need to put on some wieght! 

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