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What a difference a year makes

***Sorry, photos were for a limited time, only*** 

A year ago today, Tony, M, and I crammed into a tiny taxi, along with a social worker and our lawyer, and quietly drove to a small home in Peru. It was not the same building from which we had been blessed with M, but it was occupied by the same wonderful women and many of the same children. M was more nervous than any of us. What would it be like to return?

All his fears and apprehensions were melted away by a simple gesture of love from those amazing women. The first thing we saw when we got out of the crowded cab was this heartfelt sign. And then the door opened, and M was swarmed by the mamis and all his friends, come to soak up the sight of their long-missed brother. The love was overwhelming, and I couldn't help but sob with happiness and wonder at the miracle that God brought to us that day.

After that beginning, I couldn't imagine how the day could get better, but we returned for a reason--to be reunited with the other little boy who was to become our second son. I was given just a moment to dry my eyes and compose myself before this precious, tiny child timidly walked down the stairs and approached us. He bravely walked up, and gave me a hug I'll never forget.
J was smaller than we remembered, but just the same precocious child we already loved. While he didn't show any signs of remembering us, he was thrilled to see M, and latched on to him immediately with a trust and bond that still stands strong and I don't believe will ever be broken.

This was the first day of the rest of our lives together, and we'll always treasure it.
And, just for kicks, here they are in more recent photos:

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  • :)
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  • you teared me up! so awesome.
  • Love this! :-)
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  • This is so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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  • My favorite picture is of J in the plaid shirt with M and the obvious look of admiration for him.  So hoping in a year I can post the same subject line.

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  • I teared up reading that story. Such a beautiful story and a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing it.

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  • Beautiful family.  Those smiles.  And what an inspiring story I kind of needed to hear.  Thank you.
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  • Love this story so much. Thank you for sharing!!! This is the sort of story that keeps me going through the adoption process.
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  • Beautiful!

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  • Love!

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  • Beautiful.  Thank you for posting this!
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  • Thanks so much for sharing!  It is so fun to look back and remember those awesome memories, but also to see how far you've come!
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