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1st Trimester

#3 Here we go....

Hi everyone! I'm approximately 7 wk, 2 days with our third.  I'm more nauseous this time around than with either of the first two. I'm puking what feels like pure acid. It's excruciating. This was our one and only surprise baby. Meaning, we didn't have help this time. Hooray for surprises.

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  • Good luck and congrats on the surprise!!
  • This is my third as well and it is also a surprise for us!  Congratulations... and so great to have you!

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  • I'm in the same boat- 3rd baby, surprise, and sick as anything!  Hope you feel better soon! 
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  • Congrats to everyone : aside from the sickness but its a good sign!!!!
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  • Congratulations! I hope that your vomiting let's up soon.
  • Nice to meet you ladies. Lets hope this sickness leaves soon! I'm pretty close to calling the ob for meds. It's hard to even drink water.
  • CONGRATSSSS!!!! GOOD LUCK :) This is my third and it was a surprise but we are so excited
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