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1st Trimester

not really sure what to do..... thoughts?

I have a chiropractor appt coming up for my lower back and neck. I usually see this doctor once a month. So that means I have seen him two other times during this pregnancy but I didnt know I was pregnant. Anyway, after seeing a post below about someone elses chiropractor experience I am a bit worried. I called my doctor and she said that there are mixed reviews on how an adjustment effects a mother to be. The biggest concern is preterm labor, but I am only 11 weeks so that is not an issue. She said it really is up to me if i want to continue my treatments or not? My back and neck are giving me problems due to deployment related injuries and the chirpractor does help. Honestly, I was hoping for more of a solid answer from my doctor other than  "its really up to you."

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Re: not really sure what to do..... thoughts?

  • If it were me, i would tell my chiropractor in case there is anything they need to do differently... but I would still go.  I know many people who went to the chiro during pregnancy and all of them had very healthy pregnancies and babies!

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  • I went every week during my 3rd trimester.  My practice puts most of their focus on treating pregnant women....we are their main client base.
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  • My sister saw a chiro all during her pregnancy
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  • There are lots of benefits of seeing a chiropractor during your pregnancy. I would still go to your appointment, but maybe discuss the risks/benefits with your doctor before he adjusts you. At least you will feel better about things then and can make an educated decision :)
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  • I visit my chiropractor on a regular basis.  He has had to adjust my treatment due to the pregnancy but I could not imagine going without chiropractic care for the entire pregnancy.b
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  • I went to a chiropractor 3 times a week for 7 months with my first pregnancy and it was wonderful. My son was born at over 11 pounds, you can imagine the toll that took on my back. I was somewhat worried at first but it absolutely saved me. My sciatic was so bad I wouldn't have been able to walk other wise. Make sure your Chiro is well trained and practiced in prenatal adjustments and enjoy it.






  • I went to a chiro last friday and started spotting not very long after I saw him. BUT the good news was it was a complete coincidence on how it happened. I saw a chiro all throughout my other two pregnancies with no issues but with this one my ute is so tipped that its causing the babies to pull back on my cervix and its exposing the most sensitive spot. So anytime I was it causes a bit of friction making spotting a possibility.
  • I go to my chiropractors twice a week. I choose to believe that it helped me get pregnant along with Metformin. I NEED my chiropractor so I refuse to give it up.
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