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bottle feeding success and a question

My daughter is just over 4 weeks and I gave her a bottle of pumped milk for the first time yesterday.  It was successful!  After some initial confusion, she started to get it and drank the full bottle (2 ounces).  However, a small stream of milk dripped out of the corner of her mouth most of the time.  Does anyone have a suggestion of a bottle/nipple that she may be able to latch onto better?  (FYI, I was using the Medela bottle, figured I would give it a shot before buying others).  
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Re: bottle feeding success and a question

  • Good for you for starting at 4 weeks.  We waited too long with DD and then had a heck of a time getting her to take a bottle.

    I think it may just be a case of not having a lot of strength yet.  We've used both Playtex and Tommee Tippee nipples with no issues.

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  • I had to start my daughter on pumped milk as I tried toget my milk balanced out.. So I have always used the Dr Brown natural flow bottles they're great!! No gas and she is a BFing champ now, no issue with confusion.

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