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Did taking antibiotics affect breastfeeding for you?

I woke up with what feels like strep throat this morning. UGH. I'm off to the doctor for a strep test which may mean being put on antibiotics. Has anyone taken antibiotics while breastfeeding? Did it affect your supply? Did it affect LO? Any and all advice would be appreciated. I REALLY would like to make it to 6 months of EBF so I'll be so disappointed if this could dry me up. 
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Re: Did taking antibiotics affect breastfeeding for you?

  • The fever you get from strep is more of a danger to your supply. Hydrate, take fever reducers and start the antibiotics sooner than later. Strep can turn nasty. If you do get a dip in supply, it comes back up at the end. GL!
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  • I've been on antibiotics twice for sinus infections and I haven't noticed any changes in my supply due to them.  

    I have, however, noticed dips when taking OTC decongestants (regular Sudafed, nothing extended release per my doc), so I try to avoid that.  Doesn't sound like you'd need anything OTC for strep though!

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  • I've been on antibiotics for the past week (keflex) and my Ob specifically chose one that could be taken safely while BFing. It has not seemed to affect supply considering I'm nursing 2 week old twins or in any way significantly affects the babies. The only thing I'm noticing is that their diapers smell a bit more and occasionally have a little more mucous in them.  Just make sure you let your doctor know you are BFing when they are deciding which antibiotic to prescribe for you.
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  • I took it twice for mastitis. All it did was cure my mastitis.
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