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DS asked how the baby comes out...

I was completely caught off guard, LOL. Last night my DS, 6 years old, was being so sweet and "petting" my stomach and saying hi to the baby. He then looked right up at me and ask how the baby will come out. I was not prepared to answer this question yet! My mouth just spit out the first thing that came to mind and I said I will need to have surgery and the doctor will take the baby out of my tummy. I instantly felt guilty for not telling the truth but I could potentially be correct. I had a c-section the first time so it could happen again!

How would you ladies have handled this? I feel that 6 is too young to know the birds and the bees and where babies come from. Tongue Tied

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Re: DS asked how the baby comes out...

  • The best suggested response I have heard is "Mommy goes to a hospital and the doctors help the baby come out." If he keeps asking questions it could get tough, but I think that's usually enough for most little ones.
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  • I personally am a fan of being truthful and also teaching kids about the birds and the bees around 4 to 6 yrs.  Its so much easier having that difficult conversation with a child than with a teen or preteen when things get awkward.  You handled it OK but your reaction may have caused your son to rethink asking questions like that.  I always recall my parents reactions to sensitive subjects more than the actual answers.  By confident that this is your child who is intelligent and can handle honest answers to curious questions he has while he is learning about his world.
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  • Wow good question and one I'm probably going to have deal with this time around. We haven't told our two year old yet but I really need to start preparing myself for the uncomfortable questions!!!
  • That would be my exact answer!  The doctor does take the baby out of my tummy.  It will be my third C-section.  I was hoping for a VBAC last time, but since I didn't have one I can only go C-section going forward.

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  • My DS is 6 and knows how the baby comes out.  I was frank with him when he was about 5, because I let him think for that long that I was just talking one day and he crawled out.  Hah!  It was what he always said and I just brushed it off, when he was 5 I figured I'd better explain.  Kids take things at face value.  His two questions were 1) Is there a door down there? and 2) Can I see it? (my vag.)

    What I am nervous about is the question of how the baby got in there LOL.

  • Oh No, I am dreading this conversation so much! We haven't told our son (4 years old) about having a baby brother or sister yet because we didn't want him telling folks before we were ready. He has been to the three ultrasounds with us and right now he thinks mommy has a Teddy Graham in her belly.  We can go with that for a while, right? 
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  • DS is 3 1/2 and asked me the same thing last night.  I'm not sure at three sharing details with him would be anything but confusing so I simply told him that I would go to the doctor for them to get it out.  That seemed to satisfy his curiosity. 
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  • There's a good book to help kids also called "It's So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families" by Robie H. Harris.  It's $10 on Amazon.  I've heard it really helps with these questions.
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