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hey ladies

Well our caseworker from OCS called me today. Our fingerprints are back in!!! of course i knew we had nothing to worry about but it was still nervewracking. She is scheduled to come do our home inspection early friday morning and Im freaking out about it. I know that our house is a safe place for a child. I mean we have already had 3 home visits with the private social worker who was working on our homestudy. But even tho we have been through that, it seems like OCS is so much stricter about things than a private agency is. So any tips and ideas from you ladies would be great. We are hoping that things go as planned and MaKenna will be home before March 21st. 
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  • I don't have any tips- I just wanted to say that's awesome and best wishes!
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  • Congrats on getting another step closer!! 

  • So glad you are getting movement here...
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  • Sent you a message with a few things I remembered from our experience.  Good luck!!!
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