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Sooooo tired

Is anyone else exhausted beyond belief? Its horrible, I can barely get motivated to clean my house ot go to the store. I am a ftm and wondering if this will pass or is this something that I will have all pregnancy?

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  • Right there with you.  really hope this passes.
  • Can't sleep enough!!
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  • I'm 5 weeks and can not get out of bed.I thought maybe it could be depression?
  • I was exhausted from 6-10 weeks. Hang in there. It goes away :)
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  • You will get energy back 2nd trimester!
  • I feel the exact same way !! 
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  • Right there with you, the same happened with my first pregnancy, but it usually goes away late in the first trimester or early in the 2nd trimester. I finally got a nap in today, it helped a ton. Last pregnancy, I took a nap every day for weeks. Don't have that luxury anymore with a toddler, but I get one in when I can.
  • With my first, I was exhausted throughout both the first and third trimesters. Everyone is different, but I think that's a "norm."
  • I have days I need 12 hours of sleep to feel human still, but at least there's now days sprinkled in that I am able to get a normal amount of sleep. but sadly there is also days of insomnia mixed in too.

    I've been told mine will end soon, I'm hoping the changing schedule will help 

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  • Thanks, glad to know I am not the only one. You read thay fatique is normal but it seems so much more intense than I ever thought. I did sneak a midday nap in today and I feel much more energized tonight...have actually made it passed 10pm.
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