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Did you cry?

Just got back from my first u/s. Seeing my baby made it so real! He or she was lookin at us from the side, looked like a teddy bear. Then s/he turned and looked up, then started kicking and waving. When it turned back to its side we could see and hear its heartbeat.

I got all tearyeyed and choked up. Anyone else??

Re: Did you cry?

  • Me and DH both cried the first time we saw and heard the heartbeat.
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  • No ultrasound yet, but we heard the baby's heartbeat (doppler) today, and we both teared up a little.
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  • our first u/s showed us twins. my DH went COLD, I thought he was going to faint. I was crying and so was my Mom.
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  • No, Dh made a joke about the way it sounded so we giggled.
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  • I was crying so much the U/S tech asked me if they were happy tears lol... I still get happy tearyeyed when I think back to that appointment.. I have my NT scan on Monday and am so excited to see the baby (I just hope we can hear the heartbeat too... if not I have a follow up with my OB on the 14th so I will get to hear the heart then) 
  • I cried and so did DH.  Though he said it was more my reaction and seeing me so emotional that got him, but I saw him staring at that screen :)  We also laughed together as baby did flips and decided to stay upside down.
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  • When we first heard the heartbeat I definitely teared up, my husband not so much until our new doctor got him to find the heartbeat with the doppler. I think that made him connect more.
  • I always get choked up the first time I hear the heart beat and the first U/S.  Life is so amazing... it is such a miracle!  And its so awesome to be the one carrying the miracle!  Guys don't know what they are missing! 

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  • I didn't cry this time. I guess it was because I was just so relieved that everything was alright. I had an u/s today due to some spotting. 
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  • I thought I would, but I didn't. Neither did the hubs. I think we were still in shock.

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  • TNB82TNB82 member

    Oh no!!  Didn't get emotional at all, either one of us.  What the heck is wrong with us???  Was interested to see fingers, toes, and all that jazz- but didn't feel overcome with emotion-either happy or sad.  I hope I'll be a good mom : (

     I think your reaction is beautiful!!

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