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Restless legs?? THIS early?

I'm only 4 weeks pregnant today and have had the worsttt restless legs at night for the past 3-4 days. It takes me hours to fall asleep and whenever I wake up during the night, it takes me at least another hour to fall back asleep because of this...

I had restless legs with my first pregnancy, but not until at least late in my second trimester.

Anyone else? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm dying for some decent sleep!

Re: Restless legs?? THIS early?

  • I noticed this early on, too! Probably about the first or second week, actually. I had never even heard of it being associated with pregnancy before. I found out I was pregnant right around the time I started noticing the RLS (around 1 or 2 weeks). So far it has become less frequent, but I've noticed that getting a really warm bath or shower followed by some stretching and then almost immediately hopping in bed and keeping a pillow between my legs has worked enough to help me fall asleep. Good luck!
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  • I had this too! AWFUL! I started eating a banana before bed and propping my legs up on a pillow. It has helped a lot!! Hope it gets better!
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  • Ughh... yes! It started with me last night. No fun.
  • I've got 'em too - try putting two cold-packs on the meaty part of your calves. They gave me instant, glorious relief and the restlessness didn't return (that night) when I'd left them on for a good 10 minutes.
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  • I have had the same feeling a couple of times over the last 5 nights. One night it was super strong, but last night I slept like a baby (but woke up at 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep)...
    :) Meredith
  • 13 weeks here and still have it. Some nights not as bad. Sleeping is horrible b/c of it, but I'm going to take some of the advice on here and maybe do a warm bath before bedtime, sounds wonderful anyways!
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  • I've had RLS for years before pregnancy. It hasn't gotten any worse thankfully. I just rock my feet back and forth and use a body pillow. And I've become very used to it.
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  • Thank you all for your responses and advice!! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one...I was starting to think it was all in my head. lol. Going to try a warm bath tonight and some stretching :) Thanks again!
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