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Postpartum Depression

Severe depression help

How can I help a friend who is so depressed who says she absolutely no desire to care for her 9 month old?  My best friend has always been very depressed, since High School and it's always been pretty bad. I thought things were better after she had her baby and she seemed fine until we talked today.
She just told me he stays on his crib all day crying and she just goes there to feed his bottles and put him back in the crib? My heart is broken for her but also for this baby. We were pregnant at the same time and I was able to diagnose my PPD quickly and started with Zoloft right away. It was difficult but hers sounds a lot more severe and I can't imagine what she is going through right now. I can't imagine how this little baby feels either. She told me she loves him so much but the depression is bigger than her and she can't help it but leave him there. 
She has no family in the United States, just moved to California with her husband and baby so no friends there either. She is staying home and went to see a psychiatrist today and he said he wants to see her everyday for now. 
How can I help her and her baby in the mean time?

Please share your stories of things people did/said that helped you see things at a different light. I just feel for them. 
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Re: Severe depression help

  • Can you go over there for a play date? Or to cook a meal, clean, baby sit, something to give her a break? Just being there in person might help. GL.
  • Hi -- you might want to pass this information on to your friend.

    There are specialists that have more insight into what she is going through and can help. She is not alone.

    To speak with a Postpartum Support International coordinator, she can call 1800-944-4PPD. Their website is here:

    Bump Jackie

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