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My H and I are moving onto base from our townhome, it's about a 20 minute trip. When we moved here it was from our apartment several states away to our townhome and the paciers and movers packed everything, put it in the truck, and started driving the same morning. It took them about 4 hours to pack everything and load the truck. This time, even though it's a much shorter move, the way the base is coordinating it is really weird. So, they don't move anyone on weekends or Mondays, and their packers come separately from the movers. The packers will be here Friday, and should be packing most of it. The movers then won't be here until Tuesday. If anyone else has had this situation, what all did you keep out? I'm trying to make a list in my head. We have a few things we'll pack and move in our car, I think I'll put those things in the guest bathroom. Also, we only have one car, so the morning the movers get here I'll wait for them, but H will be at the house, because they won't let us do the walkthrough or sign our lease until the day we move in. Basically this puddle jump of a move is becoming way more stressful than the several state move last year and I'd love any advice.

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  • The setup for this time is generally the more common type, with packers and movers on separate days.  Was your H still single on the last move with less stuff and less allowed weight?  That could be why it was all in one day.  When we just did our last move they scheduled us 2 days of packing and the movers came the 3rd day.  It does suck that it's spread out over a weekend though.

    Can you sign your lease and do your move in the day before the packers come?  In your situation I would probably sign the lease on the new place on like Wednesday, then Thursday you could bring the necessities over and start staying there.  If you're able to bring a mattress I would, or just an air mattress if needed.  I think if you already have the new place though it would get rid of a lot of your stress.

    If that's not an option, then keep out clothes, medicine, pet supplies (if needed), shower stuff, etc.  Keep it all in your car or in a bathroom so they don't pack it.  Also keep laptops, chargers and any important paperwork.  I don't know how long til they will bring your stuff to the new place.  Usually it's at least 2 weeks for us so we have to pack way more.

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  • Keep out:  some clothes (including uniform items); food items (especially liquid ones); cleaning supplies (again, especially liquids); important documents and documents with personally identifiable information (SSN's, bank account no.'s, etc.); personal hygiene items; personal comfort items (laptop, kindle).  Since it's only 20 minutes away you should be able to move that stuff in a car.
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