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Update on growth scans/small baby

I had my appt/ultrasound with the high risk dr. today and the good thing is they can't find anything wrong with the baby or the placenta or cord. He has a good heartrate and he's active and she said the blood flow through the cord appears to be within the normal range.

Unfortunately he just isn't growing and they only measured him as being in the 3rd percentile. He was measured in the 5th percentile by my regular OB last Thurday, but the dr wasn't concerned and said it's probably just margin of error differences that naturally occur. I have to go back next week for another ultrasound and if he has not grown any, he will have to come out. I'll be 36 weeks. If he continues to grow at least a little, they will leave him in until 38-39 weeks. Being that he is only measuring around 4 lbs, I would love for him to gain weight and stay in longer. I'm really scared of having a baby this small. Please keep sending good vibes that he has grown some by next week! Thanks!

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Re: Update on growth scans/small baby

  • Sending you lots of thoughts and prayers. Grow baby, grow!
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  • Thinking of you! Good luck!
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  • Sending many many thoughts your way!  Grow, grow, grow! 
  • Sending good growth thoughts your way!
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  • Glad that although he is small, everything else looked good.  Hope he continues to grow and you have an easy delivery and healthy baby boy!
  • Grow baby grow! Sending T&P!
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  • Praying for you and the baby!  Hey look at it this way....it's a perfect excuse to eat anything you want.
  • Sending you positive vibes and lots of T&Ps!


  • Hope he packs on some pounds this week! Good luck!






  • Good thoughts and good luck!

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  • Thinking of you and hope you get some good results at your next scan.  big hugs! 
  • Sending positive thoughts your way!!  Grow baby grow!


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  • Many, many good thoughts and prayers for that little guy and you! 


  • Sending you lots of T&P. Keep growing little guy!!
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  • I know I am so late...I am never on here anymore...but I hope your little guy is growing and I am keeping you in my thoughts!!!
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  • Sending lots of prayers your way! Good luck!
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  • sending good thoughts!!! Our DD2 was 4 lbs when we brought her home and it was definitely intimidating, especially since our first DD was over 9 lbs. Wishing you the best of luck!
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