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  • None that are any good im afraid. I did talk to R today and her and makennas birth father got to see her today. They said she is doing great. She told me that the caseworker took pictures for a life book and that she would be emailing the pictures to me. But of course nothing yet. So I called the OCS caseworker and all she would say to me was "your fingerprints arent back yet, I will call you when they are". Why do I feel like this is all falling apart around me? We have done everything that could be done on our parts but yet it seems like it isnt enough. If Makenna had been born healthy she would be home with us already. Its like we are being penalized for the actions of R. Im just upset and dont know where to turn or what to do right now. MaKenna will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. Its so hard to go in my bedroom and look at the basinette next to my bed with MaKenna's picture in it, or walk past the bedroom that we set up just for her. Or look at the playpen in the living room and wonder when she will be here.
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  • I'm so sorry things are so hard. It's very unfair. I'll keep you and MaKenna in my intentions.
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  • Sending thoughts and prayers your way! This must be so hard.

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