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  • To San Diego for the zoo!
  • Can't wait to take baby to Canada to see my family!
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  • We can't wait to take him to see his Grandparents!
  • i cant wait to take my baby on a trip to the columbus zoo and just see his excitement when he sees all of the animals!

  • I want to road trip to Mackinac Island this Summer. Haven't been there in years, and I'm itching to go back.
  • I would love to take our son on his first camping trip to the white mountains!
  • I can't wait to bring our baby to California to meet my brother sister in law! They weren't able to make it to see our baby because my brother has been sick for a while now. So we plan on going this summer! :
  • Road trip to where we got married - Smithfield, NC.
  • Can't wait to take baby on a road trip to Charlestown, Rhode Island. The most beautiful beaches and peaceful ocean!
  • First time to the beach this spring/summer :
  • We can't wait to take baby to the cabin in northern Wisconsin!!
  • A road trip to Orange Beach!
  • To Disney!
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  • I would love to take my 3 babies and a bump to the Niagara Falls!!!
  • I would love to take her to Colorado on a family vacation.
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  • Dying to take him back to California so he can see his grandparents! Hasn't seen them since he was 6 weeks old
  • I'm grateful we took our daughter on a road trip from NJ to Michigan to meet her Great Grandma a few months back, as her GG just passed away this weekend. I think road trips to family are so important.

    I can't wait to take her on a road trip to Hershey Park this summer b/c we love car rides (especially with a Fresh Beat Band CD playing - although the hubbs prefers Jake and the never land pirates CD over FBB! Haha) :-) It will be our only family vacation this year, so we are very exicted.

    We also hope to road trip to South Carolina to let our daughter meet her new cousins! :-) 

  • My husband and I can't wait to take our DD on her first road trip to the beach this summer!!! She loves water and the bath tub so I can't wait to see what she thinks of the beach!

  • I can't wait to drive to CA and go to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo!
  • Cannot wait to take the little one to the beach.
  • Along the Oregon coast for our yearly family road trip!
  • We can't wait to bring our youngest DD down to South Carolina! We have been there since our first DD was a newborn 3 years ago. Sad
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  • The one road trip we can't take to take our baby on is to Lake Geneva, WI. We live in Chicago, it's only a 2 hour or so drive. However, it's so beautiful and relaxing there, plus we can't wait to take pictures of our baby in that gorgeous setting.

  • Definitely our first car ride home from the hospital. Seeing that we live 40 minutes from the hospital, it will truly be our first official "road trip" as a little family of 4!
  • Me and my wife can't wait to take our daughter to Disney World she will turn 2 on august 2 so we are so excited to take her there for the first time.
  • To Disney World with his big brother.  :)
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  • I can't wait to take baby to meet all of it's Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents in Dallas and Kansas!
  • I can't wait to take my girl on a road trip to the beach! 
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  • I cannot wait to take the baby to Disneyland!!! 
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  • To Sesame Place! ....:)
  • I can't wait to take my baby on a three state trip from Wisconsin to North Dakota to see my best friends from college.  It has been years since I have seen them and they desperatly want to meet baby Cole!
  • This year the family vacation is in Miami I'm so ready for her to go its definitely going to be an adventure
  • Drive up Pacific Coast Hwy from Orange County to Monterey, CA and take her to the aquarium. My husband and I both did that trip several as times with our own families as kids so it's very special to us that we create those same memories together as our own family with her!
  • It's a tradition that we go to cape cod every summer - my husband grew up doing so. Can't wait to carry on the tradition and bring our little guy this summer even though he'll only be 2 months old.
  • We would use it to go to Saugatuck, MI this summer.  Such a cute town and very baby/kid/family friendly.  I could really use it too, because my one year old is already 36 pounds and about to outgrow our Britax weight limit!
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