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Laundry Detergent and fabric softner

I have always used the dye-free/perfume-free whatever was recommended for cloth diapers.  I recently bought regular detergent (after 5.5 years!!) and had forgotten how much I love the smell of laundry washed in real detergent- lol.  And I made my way down the dark road and just bought fabric softener.  First load out- so happy. 

But it is irking at my crunchy side and I don't remember why.  Is it a skin irritant or cancer thing?  Do you use dyes/prefumes in detergents and fabric softener?

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Re: Laundry Detergent and fabric softner

  • Nope.
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  • I use fragrance free detergent and fabric free fabric softener. I did this even before getting pregnant.
    For me the reason is allergic reactions. One time I used powdered detergent and it wasn't completely rinsed from the inside of a shirt. The reaction was so awful! Ended up needing a shot in the ER.
    The reason fragrance and dye free is recommended for babies is allergies, they have very sensitive skin.
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  • you could get ecover fabric softener. It smells good too but has natural stuff in it to make it smell good.
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  • I make my own detergent.  Softener is really bad for the environment and your clothes, "they" say. I've made my own softener out of conditioner, which worked well, but we just aren't a softener house, so I keep forgetting to make more.

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  • No. I stopped using fragranced detergent before we had kids, because DH has sensitive skin, and I never went back. I never used fabric softener because it always weirded me out-I don't want that residue touching my skin.

    Actually after going so long using unfragranced stuff it bothers me now to smell it on other people's clothes.

    ETA: I do use vinegar in the rinse cycle which I swear by. I think my hatred for fabric softener was drilled into me by my farmer grandmother who hung her clothes to dry on the clothesline outside, and swore that fabric softener destroyed clothes.

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  • Thanks all. I forced myself to google it and could kick myself.  But it smells so good and not static-y.  Ah well.  Better wean myself off the stuff.
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