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Help-3 year old potty issues

So DS1 has not gone #2 in 3 days. He is absolutely miserable, whiny, and crying that his tummy hurts. I have given him juice, lots of fruit etc hoping to get things moving but no luck. He starts to go and then it hurts so he stops and holds it in. I think I need to try something else here. Has anyone dealt with this? I called the nurse line at his dr's office and am waiting for them to call me back but thought I would ask you guys.
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Re: Help-3 year old potty issues

  • My DS is younger than yours of course, but he's had some issues with that. He'd do the same thing with starting to go, then holding it in because it hurt. It just made it worse when he finally did go.

    We tried prune juice, apple juice, blueberries, apples, pears, etc. But, on our pedi's advice, we also tried Miralax. We put 1tsp in his cup of juice and it worked really well. We'd give it to him once a day for a few days in a row until he was going regularly again. The pedi said we could go up to 2tsp if it wasn't working with just 1, but if you give too much you risk diarrhea so be careful. I would definitely give it a try since you've tried juice/fruit already.


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  • Daily fiber gummies and grapes.

    I'd also limit his dairy as much as you can for a day or two.

    You might want to help him w/ a suppository (not fun, but if DH helps hold him you can do it pretty quickly and it'll be effective).


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  • I second limiting dairy.
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  • I have no further suggestions, but how is he doing now? I hope the nurse's line was helpful. 
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  • I went through that with both my boys... it seems to be a boy thing that their minds do not want to let go of their poop.

    The only thing that ALWAYS worked for us were Fleet Liquid Suppositories for Children. So squirt it up their butt and it says within an hour they will go but mine always went immediately. I squirt it in, put them right on the toilet and they screamed because they could tell that there was no holding it in anymore. And then it all came out and all was well with the world again. 


    It is a rough phase and I shed many tears while holding Devyn down on the toilet so he wouldnt throw himself off but the poop had to come out or he would have had to go to the ER and after it was out he was fine immediately


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  • image Megcheer2:
    I have no further suggestions, but how is he doing now? I hope the nurse's line was helpful. 

    they really didn't offer any thing different than what I read and what was suggested to me, but yeah, he is fine now! We tried the liquid stool softeners first, that wasn't working, DH finally broke down and gave him one of the saline suppository things and it worked pretty much instantly. He was 100% happier right away, poor thing. Must have been such a relief. I have since had a serious discussion with him that we are never to hold poop in, ever, and that it needs to come out every day. I think he gets it. I really feel for people that deal with these pooping issues, it made everyone miserable!

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  • This happens with my 3 year old as well from time to time. I have found that the best and quickest thing to relieve them is a childrens fleet enema. They are cheap and work wonders in clearing them out in no more then 5 minutes.
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