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Placental Encapsulation??

Hey there, I'm guessing this may be a controversial topic, but has anyone tried this? And if so, any recommendations for the Baltimore area? Feel free to PM if u prefer. 
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Re: Placental Encapsulation??

  • Not for me, but I know a few people who have.  I think their midwives did it or their doula knew someone.
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  • I didn't do this, but a person came to my Bradley class when I was pregnant and gave a presentation on it. Several women in the class used her and were very happy. I will send you a PM with her info. Thanks!
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  • I used Lauren Agro.  here is her website   she is great!   feel  free to pm if you have any questions

  • I did just this last month. I also used Lauren Argo. She was great. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  • Thanks for all the responses. I talked to my OB about it and he says in the state of MD that it is illegal to take the placenta out of the hospital (says its considered human remains).  So since I am def delivering in the hospital I guess the encapsulation is out of the question.  Glad to hear it worked well for some of you, I think it's a neat idea.  

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  • I delivered at Howard County General Hospital, it's not illegal. It is the patients/mothers right to do whatever she wants with the placenta per specific MD law. Its hers, she owns it. Give Lauren a call, she is very well educated regarding this specific issue and the law. It wouldn't hurt to talk with her and get her advice. If this is something you're truly interested in don't let false information deter you.
  • Thanks for asking this question, I've been wondering about this myself. I have heard conflicting information about what you can or cannot do with your placenta if you have a hospital birth but really want to look into this for the future even though the next baby is wayyy further down the road. I had horrible baby blues with DS and I'm willing to do anything to prevent that from happening again. 

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  • I havnt gotten around to calling Lauren Argo yet, but the way my OB explained it was that the placenta is similar to an appendix/gallbladder, etc. It must be sent to pathology or medical waste to be discarded, at least in the hospital I want to deliver in. He was not against the idea and even said he had a previous patient very interested and she even went as far as getting consent from someone higher up in the hospital that she could take it but when the time came she was unable to have it. I feel the same way regarding the baby blues, I had terrible PP anxiety to the point where I stopped breast feeding at 6 weeks just to start medicine. I was so worried about breast feeding while on meds. I am really desperate not to feel that way again and very much so would like to breast feed for a much longer time. Although I won't lie, this whole idea has been a very tough sell to DH. He is utterly freaked about the whole idea.... Turns green when i talk about it.
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  • Hi there,

    I did my own placental encapsulation with my last little one. It is relatively simple to due, but does take sometime. I know this may seem gross, but this time around (due in 3 weeks) I plan on just steaming it up and eating it lol. I tried it last time and it literally taste like steak lol. I still have all of the products to do encapsulation and would be willing to do it for sure of course you'd like to get to know me first lol. Which is perfectly fine with me seeing as Im in desperate need of friends and a life.

  • MereMM7, where are you having your baby?  I am a specialist and almost all of my clients deliver in hospitals.  All hospitals in the area are great with releasing placentas except St. Agnes and quite frankly, there are not within the law.  Every mother, per MD state law, has the right to take her placenta home with her.  The only situations that would make release difficult is if there is a uterine infection, or blood-borne disease present, or if it needs to be examined by pathology and is treated with formalin.
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    I believe if it needs to go to pathology they can just take a portion of it and leave the rest. You can freeze it until you get the results back. The person who does the encapsulation can't take placenta out, though, I believe you have to take it home yourself and she comes to your house and does it. Otherwise she'd need some sort of sanitary license that is very difficult to get. But yeah, it's your placenta, you may have to be vigilant to get it but it's your right.
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