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Where are you registering?

I'm wondering if anyone is registering anywhere local besides the chains like BRU. Milagros, babyworks...?

My friend used myregistry.com but I found it a little confusing.
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Re: Where are you registering?

  • This is our second baby so we aren't really registering, but I am putting things on my Amazon wishlist in case family wants to buy us stuff.  They live at a distance, so it makes it easy for them to have it shipped here.  They have almost anything you'd need.  I have other friends who register on Diapers.com and if you receive over $500 worth of stuff they give you $50 to spend. 
  • I registered at Target and BRU. I also have friends/family out of the area and know that Target is popular enough to be available in most areas. They don't have a large selection in store but adding items onto a registry from a store's website is easy enough. 
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  • We have an Amazon registry, but it's more just a wish list for us since there is no shower planned. I am scared of being overwhelmed by walking into a BRU, but I'm sure it will happen one of these days!
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