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Hi everyone!!! I am about eight weeks in and am fairly new to Baltimore! I am looking at fellow soon to be moms in this area since this is my first! I have had my first appt and am so happy with our DR he seems so nice as well as the girls in the office! Looking forward to being active on this board!!
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  • Woohoo!!  Hi and giant congrats!!  There are a couple of us here that are new to the Baltimore area.  This is probably super weird, but if anyone ever wanted to get together at Starbucks or something......

    The thought of having this baby and being isolated without having made connections has me a little stressed.  



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  • Hi! Congrats and welcome! I'm fairly new to MD myself from out of state. I'm a first time mom, delivered 1/18 to a beautiful baby boy. This time is so exciting! Congratulations!!!
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  • That would actually be awesome I am feeling the exact same way it's crazy! 
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  • Sorry just realized i posted under two names! This is pinkflowers! 
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  • Hi, welcome and congrats!

    I just wanted to say that I would love to meet some new people, as I am also new to Baltimore and currently all week day home alone. That's the problem with the bureaucracy and being a chemist... So if someone wants to meet at Starbucks or for a walk or whatever, just let me know :
  • Hi and welcome!
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  • Juliab! Would love to meet up sometime!
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