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Making a "wishlist" for a baby shower

Hi all!

I live in a city in Ontario, where we have limited options for baby registries (and our options, other than Wal-Mart, are pretty pricey). DH and I are pretty good at finding deals - but we find registering somewhere like Babies R Us is limiting and expensive. I am thinking about somehow doing just a wish list instead of registering at a specific place. Have you ever heard of this? I was thinking I could use some kind of online tool where people could go on and remove items (maybe something like google docs). Another alternative is just registering on Amazon, which may be easier. But with my 'idea', people could go to whatever store they want, rather than shop online. It's going to be a pretty small shower with just close family and friends, and I want to be able to have a variety of things (well, prices) on them. I don't feel like I need to register for a specific brand of baby facecloths, diapers, etc. Thoughts?

Re: Making a "wishlist" for a baby shower

  • I would register at a brick and mortar store for people who don't like to shop online. Then, you can do a universal registry like which lets you add anything from any website.


    As for Babies R Us being expensive, I use registries for guidance. If I can find the same item cheaper at another store, I'd buy it there instead.

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  • I think if you make a registry on someplace like Amazon, then if someone finds the item at a store, they can still purchase it.

    The "wish list" idea would be difficult, because who would keep it updated? Let's say you put a baby bathtub on there and then you get 3. That's not fun for you or your guests.  

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  • Have you looked at

    You can make a list from a variety of sources, but there is no need to shop online. 

  • imagetab1979:

    Have you looked at

    You can make a list from a variety of sources, but there is no need to shop online. 


    Amazon wish list/registry is the exact same thing. You can add things from any stores, online or not. I find it a lot more usable than myregistry. 

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  • Robi1 - Thanks for the Amazon tip. I've never used it. When I finished reading your post, I watched the gymnastic cat routine in fascination for far too long...
  • I used Amazon as a universal registry list. I had stuff on there from, BRU, and even It worked just fine for people.
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  • doesn't do registries for Canada, and the US one links US sites with astronomical shipping. has a wishlist feature that might help. My only concern with you creating a registry on the US site is it may link products that are not availble at retail stores or are not products that you can import because of regulations (ie car seats and walkers).

    Sorry, if you read my previous response, I had reading fail about affordability. If Walmart is the store in your budget, you aren't going to have other options because the only other store that competes pricewise is Superstore/Zehrs/Loblaws and they don't do registries. I would still pick two places to register, ie. Walmart/BRU/Amazon, and a brick and mortar baby store, they can be reasonably priced on certain items (some items will be fairly close in price no matter where you buy). Also look at registering in store for Walmart, online is slim pickings.

    ETA: Try also Sears and the Bay.

  • Babies 'r Us in my experience was just as you described it - limiting and expensive, but family members from my husband's side demanded we make a registry there since we're not doing Wal-Mart.

    Frankly, for me, the easiest and most fun has been Amazon.  If anything else, your guests could look at an Amazon registry to get a feel for what you like and need - this way it's convenient for those who are fine with online shopping.  The only issue is duplicates, but if it's a small shower and you register for a lot of different things it's not that big a deal if it happens.   

  • check out

    we are using it and getting great feedback! you can shop from anywhere!

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  • I do a wishlist for my kids (Christmas and birthdays) because most family and a lot of friends are always asking what they need/want.  Unfortunately, they do not remove the items from the list so they get duplicates.  Once in a while I can head off this happening if they mention they are going to get such and such and I can let them know someone else is already getting that.  We are so used to doing that for each other...everyone appreciates being in the "know". 

    For those people that do not like to look around on-line or don't have internet maybe you could register for some basic things at WalMart...if that is pretty universal for you and your guests.

  • Thanks for all the tips! :) I have some time to figure out what to do. I was thinking of doing the wish list as an online document somehow, so it could be edited like a registry (when you buy something, scratch it off), but I'm thinking that might be tacky. ah well.

    $ isn't an issue for us, but I just don't feel right about registering at babies r us, when we would 'shop around' for the best buys. (and by registering at babies r us.. we aren't really allowing people to shop around).

  • check out

    My brother and SIL registered there - they were hoping to get a bunch of things used or gifted from wherever (not one specific store) so it's set up saying "I'd like a bouncer" and someone could adjust it saying they already purchased one (but didn't have to say specifically from where). It worked out well for them. 

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  • Mobile bumping for the first time so I'm not sure this is quoting the PP properly but I like the idea of the encore registry website . I'm also in Canada and live in the boonies . Options for registries are hard to find aside from those online. I've registered with BRU and Sears. I'm not a huge fan of BRU's prices and the closest one to me is 3.5 hours away but I've found it has the best selection. I don't know if I'll be having a shower but if one is thrown then guests can at least get some ideas from the site.

    I was invited to a baby shower a few weeks ago with only one week's notice. The MTB had registered with BRU but I couldn't order anything online in time or get to a BRU before the shower so I just picked up a few of the items she registered for, for cheaper, at a nearby Walmart. It wasn't a big deal because no one else at the shower was able to get anything off of her registry either. The only bummer was that I got this neat calendar that could be used like a baby book that the MTB hadn't registered for; I just got one for her because I liked it and also got one for myself and it turned out that someone else got the same thing for the MTB. So she got doubles of something she didn't even register for anyways! Lol
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  • How tech-savvy are your guests?  You might consider sharing a pinterest board with would be a fun pictorial way to give them an idea of what you like and need.  You can do searches for products, usually easily purchasable with a couple clicks.  Just a thought!
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