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Starting things today!

Well our journey "starts" today.  We are headed down to a required international adoption course taking place tomorrow so it's a weekend away for us!  But so excited to go to this course and hopefully get some questions answered and have a little bit more of a clue as to what direction we can look at going!

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natural m/c March 11, 2011 at 8 1/2 weeks 

Daughter #2 - January 11, 2012 

Ectopic pregnancy discovered November 6, 2012 at 6 weeks

Daughter #3 - January 19, 2014

Started our exploration into the world of international adoption June 2012.  We have no idea what this is going to look like but we are excited to find out!

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Re: Starting things today!

  • Yay!! Congrats! We had our meeting this past week and I think we are turning in our application this weekend to make it official. I loved going to ours, it helped put faces to names we had been corresponding with and we also got our questions answered. Good luck and have fun! =)
  • Congratulations on this big step!

    Mother of two wonderful boys! Blessed through adoption.

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  • Congrats and good luck!
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  • That is very exciting! Good luck!

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  • Congrats! So exciting!

    [center]After 5 years fighting the infertility battle, we are letting go and answering a long desired call to adoption. I am so excited! [/center]
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  • Congratulations! It's an exciting and scary road, but will be worth it!
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    After 2 years of IF workups/treatments and 2 IUIs, we have closed the door on fertility treatments.
    We are very excited to be pursuing international adoption from China!
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