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New to Baltimore, New to Pregnancy : )

Hello All!! I'll cut right to the chase. We are newly relocated to Baltimore County from Miami.  It was like pulling teeth (with the rudest nurse I've ever spoken to in my life) to get an appointment, but I was finally able to get in with Johns Hopkins for early March.  The appointment is with a nurse only, though- no availability with a doctor for who the heck knows how long.  My questions:

1.) Has anyone delivered at Hopkins since they opened the new birthing center last year?  What was your experience like?

2.) Does anyone have a better recommendation for a female dr. that is on staff at a hospital that can guarantee us a private room?  That is my main concern.....I'm hopeful that the doctor will be moderately pleasant, but the nurse was just so mean! So, I'm completely open to switching. 

3.)  Are there any fun classes that I should look into in the area? I need to try and make some friends- we'll go crazy if it's just us and this baby!





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Re: New to Baltimore, New to Pregnancy : )

  • Welcome!

    I'm of no help because I used Bay Area Midwives and delivered at AAMC in Annapolis. They were great to work with and I did have a private room.

    I don't have any pointers for meeting people, though it some ways it was easier after I had my child because I could join a local mom's group.

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  • Which Johns Hopkins Hospital are you talking about? The big one downtown or the Bayview one?   

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  • Welcome!

    No idea about Hopkins but GBMC has private birthing AND recovery rooms. Dr. Laura Erdman at Charles Street OBGYN is wonderful and is a Baltimore "top doc." 

    For now maybe a pre-natal yoga class would help you meet moms-to-be. After baby is born head to the local library for storytime or baby yoga and when LO is a little older try out a My Gym class. 

  • Welcome and congratulations. I just delivered 3 weeks ago at howard county general and used capital women's care in maple lawn Fulton so unfortunately I'm no help there. They were both great though so depending on the distance you may want to look into it. My husband and I also relocated to MD this summer and I have found it impossible to meet people. It's even harder because I work from home and my husband travels for work so neither of us have work offices we go to daily. I did take a prenatal yoga class and some of the infant care, childbirth breast feeding class's through my hospital. I've also just recently joined a couple moms groups on however I won't be going to any for awhile since my little guy is just under 3 wks old.
    How far along are you?
  • Welcome and congrats! If you don't mind me asking, why Hopkins? Unless your insurance requires u to deliver there I would personally check out a few of the county hospitals. GBMC, St. josephs, Franklin Square and Sinai are all great hospitals great womens services and high acuity NICUs even though u will probably never need it, I wouldn't deliver without one.

    No experience with Hopkins for delivery, but keep in mind it is a teaching hospital so you will likely be
    inundated with interns and residents. I personally choose Franklin square as it is close to home and I love my OB there.

    Good luck with whatever hospital or dr you choose, and have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
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  • image BillysGrl27:

    No idea about Hopkins but GBMC has private birthing AND recovery rooms. Dr. Laura Erdman at Charles Street OBGYN is wonderful and is a Baltimore "top doc." 

    I also saw Dr. Erdman and delivered at GBMC.  GBMC is a great hospital in my experience, and I totally trusted her as a doc.  Despite how busy Dr. Erdman's practice is (they run late a lot), I was always able to get appointments when I needed them.

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  • Congratulations and welcome to the area. I delivered both my girls at MedStar Franklin Square and I highly recommend them. I loved my OB and nursing staff at my practice. I also used their NICU with both my pregnancy. The birthing rooms are private and so are PP rooms too. The NICU is a little on the older side, but they are planning to build a new one, slate to open in 2014. Both my girls got care while at the NICU.

    Good luck with your decision. 




  • GBMC is a great hosptal and they have a mom group for after delvery that meets weekly. I loved going there and met some great people plus the lady that runs it is a lactation consultant so you can get free help with breastfeeding issues.
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  • Thanks for all the advise, guys!  We chose Hopkins (the main campus, not Bayview) b/c from a medical standpoint, they have the best trained OB/GYN docs in the country (hubby and I are both physicians) 

    BUT, this is my first baby and they are so unbelievably rude and callous that I may be more comfortable somewhere with better patient care. I'm realizing that in a situation like this, nurses can make all the difference in your experience.  GBMC is closest to us, and it sounds like you all had a good experience there- so we are definitely scheduling an appt. with one of their OBs. 

    Love following all of your journeys - I've been snooping around the board the past few days : )  

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  • I actually AM a hopkins doctor and I chose GBMC---as have most of my colleagues.

    The doctors here (JH) are great but if your pregnancy is not complicated you will likely have a more intimate and equally professional experience at GBMC or St Joes--not to mention the better access for questions, appointments, phone calls, etc.  Honestly I have learned the most about being a doctor from my experience as a patient during this pregnancy! 

     I have loved the nurses in the L&D suite at GBMC--not as much in my OB's office--but the convenience of access is so important that I would not trade it at all now.

     Good luck.

  • Also PS I go to Weitz, have also heard great things about Hebb, Allen, Merryman, and Dr. Elder...I can't remember how his name is spelled...but these folks are all in different practices that deliver at GBMC. 
  • bg777- I would love to PM you! do you know how I can do illiterate here. 

    I am having a complicated pregnancy, but I'm still conflicted over something I'd rather not post publicly (for fear of being unprofessional).  

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