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Strange virus?

DD#1 had diarrhea for 5 days.  Now we are day 2 of no poop at all.  Not a single other symptom.  No pain, change in appetite, fever, anything.  She is active and wild as ever. 

How long do I let her go without pooping?  Do I let her be until she's uncomfortable? 

I haven't worried about this kind of stuff since the twins were newborns!

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Re: Strange virus?

  • So many days of diarrhea probably completely cleaned out her system and it's just taking time for waste to build back up to the point of needing to be eliminated.
    I would keep an eye on her for another day or two, provided she's not uncomfortable and watch that her abdomen doesn't start looking distended/swollen. With no other symptoms I would probably assume it's a virus that has run it's course.
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  • Thanks, I was wishful-thinking the same thing.  She is happy and fine and frankly, the worst patient when she's sick, so until she is miserable, I keep hoping she's done.  THanks!
    If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.

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