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Madigan - Aunt Flo after IUI

Sigh. So a little depressing and heartbroken. Whyyyy Aunt Flo?!?! Just two more days till my 2ww period before I can take a pregnancy test!!  Thought this first IUI was gonna be it. ;(  And then not only am I heartbroken. I'm feeling like an anxiety attack is coming on after speaking with my RE office. The nurse told me that they are now having their patients do the ovulation tests at home instead of coming in for Ultrasounds. She states that studies show that women who are responding to the medications show no difference in outcome and that they are also running out of appointments. Realllyyy!! I've tried the OPT before and have yet have it work for me. I've also read and was told by my RE before that they sometimes don't work with PCOS patients. 

Has anyone with PCOS have luck with the OPT? Does it matter time of day? How often do you test? Once or twice a day? Do you feel the digital displays are a little less stressful because there's less confusion on whether or not the line is as dark as the other. 

 Has anyone come across this problem? Have a better outcome with RE at Madigan? I feel like I don't get the personal care I would if I went to a civilian doctor. I was sitting in the office one day and read through some pamphlets. One stated that your first visit they do some kind of test to see your egg reserve. Has anyone done this test? I don't think I have. 

 I'm trying to de-stress myself. But it's so hard!!!  

Mr. & Mrs. - Est. 10.24.09 ??

TTC since 09.2010 Me - 29 DH - 28 (Sailor ?)
DX with PCOS since I was 18
HSG - clear SA - DH proud to say way above average ??
10.2010 Progesterone + Metformin = BFN
11.2010 Progesterone + Metformin = BFN
? DH went on deployment
09.2011 Referred to RE
10.2011 Been on max dose of clomid but thinned out Uterine lining
05.2012 HSG clear
06.2012 Miscarriage ??
08.2012 Progesterone 5mg Letrozole + timed intercourse = BFN
09.2012 5mg Letrozole + timed intercourse + Ovidrel = BFN
10.2012 5mg Letrozole + timed intercourse
11.2012 BFN
01.2013 5mg Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN!! ??

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