I broke our son, and he's not even here....or that's what it felt like. — The Bump
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I broke our son, and he's not even here....or that's what it felt like.

We were sitting at the table and he was "all sorts of 'movey'" as my wife likes to say. He was doing this thing where, wherever you touch, he'll kick when you take your hand away. It was all fun, until I pushed a bit (not hard) and he pulled back. It felt like my hand sunk into my wife a few inches. I still can't shake that feeling. We had an ultrasound since, so I know he's fine, but that really freaked me out.


Anyway, thought y'all may get a chuckle out of my inexperience. :)

Re: I broke our son, and he's not even here....or that's what it felt like.

  • Not shocked at all by your reaction.  Now that you are certain of his safety in there, you should try the cell phone or laptop on the belly trick. That is a show!!!  You will see just how strong he is as he kicks away at those electronic humsIdea


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  • He was just reacting to the pressure.  My wife had a very minor car accident with our first and he was completely safe, they have plenty of cushion in there.
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  • Most of the time I put my hand on my wife's belly he stops kicking.  I apparently have a very calming influence.

  • As often as my SO elbows me in his sleep, I will be faintly surprised if LO doesn't have brain damage.

    Seriously though, your concern is touching. 

  • Turns out that it's not just me. We had a Dr. appointment today, and when she was checking for the heart rate, he kept moving from one side to the other. The doc eventually had to put pressure on one side and then use the monitor on the other. She seemed frustrated for a bit.
  • Babies react differently... my wife was put on a monitor after a minor car accident for 2 hours during our last pregnancy and my son literally sat there and kicked the monitor for 2 hours.  Some kids run away, some kids stand and fight.
  • Same here. With my first child I could feel her and see her moving all the time.  Not this time though. 
  • The best was my wife's belly after she had a sugary drink. The kid would kick and somersault like a crazy person for hours! It was awesome.
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  • I wish he was reliable like that, lol. If she drank (has GD now) something sugary he would kick like twice and be calm for a while. On the off chance she has coffee, he goes crazy for a minute, then is out the rest of the day. He's definitely my kid..I sometimes drink coffee before bed to fall asleep faster.
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