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Baby Shower Locations!

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I am living in Dallas, TX right now, but all of my family and the hub's family are in central Indiana. It's been a while since I've been home, so I am reaching out to my fellow Hoosier gals for some help on finding a CHEAP baby shower location. We are looking for a place between Columbus and Northern Indianapolis. Any suggestions for a place this would hold about 20-25 people nd dirt cheap to free would be appreciated!



Mrs. Jaynes

Re: Baby Shower Locations!

  • What time of year are you looking at?


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  • Couldn't tell you about that specific restaurant, but some places will allow you to use a party room if you cover a specific amount of food... some don't even make you do that.  We had our wedding rehearsal meal at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown, during the time frame they were normally closed, and didn't charge us any extra to do so.
  • We are planning on making the trip to Indiana the last weekend in April. I have to stay close to the hospital beginning the first week in May. We are looking for a place big enough to to play games and be able to hold conversations without it being too noisy.

    Mrs. Jaynes

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