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Arts and Crafts for a 7 year old....

My daughters friend is having a birthday, she loves anything to do with arts and crafts.  I always seem to get the paint your own jewerly box/ make beaded braclets kits. Any good finds out there??   thx

Re: Arts and Crafts for a 7 year old....

  • How old.
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  • What about a set of real oil pastels and some nice paper?  My DD loves arts and crafts, and she is always happy when she gets a "make a piggybank" kit or a "friendship bracelet" kit, etc.  But she also likes getting real, grownup art supplies.
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  • My just turned 8 year old (and 9 year old) got this for Christmas and love it. It's an acrylic art set with stand to hold their painting. We got it from Michaels. Not too expensive either.,default,pd.html?cgid=products-kidsteachers-artmaterials&start=6

  • I have been hearing rave reviews about Kiwi Crates and they just came out with a single box option.

  • How about a tye-dye kit! My DD loves doing a project with me and this one is perfect. Or you could get a gift card for Hobby Lobby, Micheals, etc... and let her pick it out herself!
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