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Baby monitors compatible with iphones/ipads

So because of the lovely housing market and not wanting to lose 50K on our townhome if we sold, we are going to be in our house for at least another year. Its really fine but the only problem is the new baby will be 2 floors below us. This won't be a problem for the first few months since I typically will be sleeping in the room with it, but we will need a good monitor that will reach 2 floors up. the current monitor we have goes out of range when we are on the bottom level of our house so I think we need one that works on our wireless network.

I have an old iphone4 that we may just use and an app called "Baby Monitor" but I thought I'd see if anyone had any other suggestions. Everyone who would babysit for us has an iphone, plus we have 3 ipads in the house now, so something that works on an ios operating system is a plus.


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Re: Baby monitors compatible with iphones/ipads

  • get yourself an IP camera that works over your network/wireless like  Foscam FI8910W. It's pan/tilt and has apps for the iPhone, ipad and computers. Best thing is that it's around $65 and you can monitor it while you're far away (because it's over the internet)!
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  • hi, i am using the app called Best Baby Monitor. It works over WiFi or Bluetooth and turns you iphone/ipad/ipod or mac into video baby monitor. this app also has some additional features such as remotely played lullabies, talk to baby or night light. it is very reliable app and since i bought it, i use it every day. this app cost $4.


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  • No advice, but just wanted to say Congratulations!  I totally missed that you were expecting again!
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