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Gift Ideas?

We're foster parents.  The younger child in our home was a preemie and wasn't able to go to daycare when I went back to work in August.  We almost had to send the kids to a new placement.  Another foster parent stepped forward and has been watching her during the day.  She's been great (other then a few differences of opinions due to her being a little "old school.")  She gets paid by the county, but it's not a lot and she's been really great if we need to drop off early or pick up late.  Baby starts daycare March 4th and I want to get this woman a gift to thank her.  We're hoping we might get a chance to adopt these kids (but that changes monthly ;) and we're glad they were able to stay with us for now.  A little about her:  She has 3 of her kids living with her (2 with special needs), 2 grown kids, and 2 foster kids placed with her currently.  She is married.  She's probably in her late 50's.  She's a no-frills kind of person.   Anyone have any gift ideas?


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Re: Gift Ideas?

  • An Edible Arrangement? If that?s possible people usually love them.
  • Gift card to Target? Or something?
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  • Movie tickets and a gift card to a local restaurant?

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  • My MIL is so no frills I can't ever tell you.

    But! My FIL loves for her to wear jewelry. If not for that, I honestly think we'd get her gift cards to the grocery store. 

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