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Rhea Lana's Consignment Sale

Has anyone been to one of these consignment sales? Do you have any advice on anything I should not waste my time looking at/or spend more time looking for? (FTM!) Thanks for any help!

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  • I haven't been to this particular sale, but I've heard good things about it.  A few tips about consignment sale shopping in general:  bring a laundry basket with a string on it to pull behind you because you can't bring strollers or shopping carts, etc.  Also, once you've chosen everything you want to purchase, find a quiet, out of the way spot and go through each piece in detail for rips, stains, or improperly marked sizes.  Most sales are pretty good at catching these things, but I've had a few issues.  If you find something wrong, give it to a worker, don't put it back on the rack.  Also, make a list of things you're looking for before you go, I tend to get overwhelmed once I get inside and see everything!

    Have fun, I love consignment sales, they're like a big scavenger hunt!

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  • I've not been this one either but a few moms on here do this one so hopefully they'll weigh in.  The PP had some good tips.  It depends on what you're looking for of course, but if you're looking for any big ticket items, head there first.  Bikes/trikes/scooters for older kids plus strollers, swings, exersaucers, and carseats go first.  You can find other baby gear too and are often at really great prices.  If you're looking for everything, I'd go there first and put your hand on what you want right away.  If you can (and especially if you're far along in pregnancy), you might want to take someone else with you that can dig through stuff, carry heavy/bulky things, etc.  If you find something big you want, see if you can pay for it right away if they have an large item check (sort of like a coat check) where they'll hold your purchased stuff while you shop more.

    Especially at peak times it can get crazy!  (This means don't take older children if you have them.)  Look for things that others might miss but can be great deals - nursing pillows, cart covers, other small items.  Definitely check out the clothes, but I do that last because I know I'll get sucked in and it takes a while.  Like the PP said, get what you want, throw it in your laundry basket, and then find a quiet place to decide what you want.  Check your sale (some don't allow credit cards) but try to bring two forms of payment.  I take cash and a check (no cards at mine) b/c sometimes certain lines will only accept one thing.  

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  • I haven't been to Rhea Lana's since maybe their first sale, but I love consignment sales in general.  I do know that Rhea Lana's has a pass for expecting moms that will allow you to get in an earlier evening (the 23rd I think). PPs have some great suggestions.  If you're looking for big stuff, go there first and then finish up with the clothes. 

    I particularly like getting things at consignment sales that I think might be helpful, but I definitely wouldn't get full price.  That way if they are helpful, that's awesome but if you wind up using them, it's not as big a deal since you didn't spend a ton on it.      


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  • I went to rhea lana's sale last spring and I was also a seller.  they provided me a laundry basket to use but I also went in under one of the earlly shopping passes.  I think one of those wheeled laundry things would actually be more helpful than a laundry basket as I saw someone with one of those. 
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  • Thank you so much for all of the suggestions!  I signed up for an expectant mom pass so will be going in early.  I think DH and I will sit down and write down the "big ticket" items we are looking for and then when we get there, divide and conquer, then move on to the smaller things! Again, thanks so much, these are all very helpful :)  

  • I was a seller this year and again this year.  Just dropped off stuff today actually :)  And looks like there is going to be a lot of good items.  FYI it's a huge space again and it will definitely get packed with items so like others have said go with a list and get ready for chaos :)

  • I went to Rhea Lana's sale for the first time last year and I'm selling stuff in the sale this year. We just dropped off stuff last night and it was the first of three drop off days and there was already a ton of stuff. I typically take a big ikea bag and just put clothes in it. If you're looking for big ticket items like furniture or strollers, go there first. They will go fast.
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  • I just wanted to throw another tip in.... I just went to my first big consignment sale on wed evening (this one was run by all 4 kids) and I was really overwhelmed. I noticed a lot of moms brought a husband or mom to tag team the sale and make a bee line for what they came for. Also as a first time mom I wish I had more experienced mom friend tell me what toys and gadgets are worth it and ones that are a waste of space. 

     I def think these sales are worth it tho the prices or better than normal kid consignment stores or CL. A lot if stuff seemed to be in great condition. I will go a little more prepared next time and bring backup!! 

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