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Best Dentist Appoinment

We had an AMAZING experience at Matthew's dentist appointment today so I felt compelled to come on here.

Matthew had a great time, despite his initial reservations. He laughed with the dental hygienist and was quick to open his mouth wide. She took her time with him and explained as well as showed him all of the tools, and then went over again with him what she was going to do. He also got to pick out a cool (Star Wars) toothbrush, prizes and got to pick a movie (Monster's Inc) to watch. This was a complete turn around from his first dentist appointment at a different dentist's office, where he screamed and didn't like it at all. I completely attribute to his change in attitude to this dentist office and especially to Shelly, the hygienist, as he still had no desire this morning to go to the dentist. After his appointment Matthew even told me that he really liked Ms Shelly, "because she listened to me and she showed me God's love." ?

So if you need a great pediatric dentist, I highly, highly, highly recommend Tull & Behling, LLC in Arnold as it is well worth the drive.  (They are located two doors down from Special Beginnings and they take BCBS Federal).   


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Re: Best Dentist Appoinment

  • Glad it went well. You've got to love those dentist offices where they really care about what they're doing. Our dentist office is wonderful as well.
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  • I feel the same way about my kids dentist! She is magical and I leave there astonished that he does so well. Glad he liked it!
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  • Thanks ladies!  If I remember correctly Ms. Rely you posted about it before, but they didnt take my insurance. 
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