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How to pronounce Avaya

I read it AH VAY AH and like it if that's how it's said, but I am thinking it could be AH VAI AH. How do you read it?

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    I'd pronounce it ah-VAY-ah, rhyming with Nevaeh (eek), but I'd be guessing.
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  • I also pronounced it Ah-Vay-Ah.
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  • I said it Ah-vI-ah...
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  • I would pronounce it ah-vay-ah
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  • I say it with "vi" (as in violet) in the middle...but that's b/c this is the name of the phone system we use at work, and that's how it is pronounced. I haven't heard of it as a name for a person before, so I automatically think of the phones.
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  • I'm not sure if you're considering it or if you just saw it somewhere, but it's the name of a telecom company for businesses - VOIP phones, voicemail systems, etc.  Anyone in IT would know it immediately.  That company pronounces it Uh-vai-uh.
  • I think it's pronounced "Terrible."

    Btw, that's an IT company. They pronounce it A-vy-uh. 

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  • I wouldn't.

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  • I read it the same I would as Ava.


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