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Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Classes

March 4th - May 20th (Please Note: There are only 5 available spots left!)
A twelve week Bradley Method course will be taught in Thorndale, PA (about 15 mins from Exton, and about 45mins from both Wilmington and Philadelphia), on Monday nights
from 7-9pm.  For this class session, we will be using the newly-available latest edition of The Bradley Method? Student Workbook.  Guest speakers throughout the class series include a massage therapist from Living Well Chiropractic (demonstrating relaxing massage techniques for pregnancy and labor), a doula from Well Born Baby (sharing the benefits of having a doula and tips on working with your birth team) , a La Leche League leader (covering the basics of breastfeeding) and a MOPS group leader (highlighting the importance of postpartum support and connection with other mothers). A few months after the babies arrive, we will have Bradley reunion to welcome them and share the stories of their births! 

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Re: Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Classes

  • Not 100% sure about a natural birth? You're still welcome to take Bradley Method classes!  You'll learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and stay low risk so that you'll have more options for your birth. You'll learn to make informed decisions, and create a birth plan that outlines your preferences. You'll learn to work together as a team with your coach.. for birth, breastfeeding and beyond!

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