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Fashion Question

Has anyone found a white maternity t-shirt that is not see through? I've looked at A Pea in the Pod, Macys, and H&M. All of the white t-shirts were see through and would require wearing a cami underneath. At this point, I don't care about cost. TIA!
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  • I would try to find a tan/nude shirt vs. White. I wear cami's a bunch anyway so to me its a not a big deal. You are right that its difficult to find. 

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  • Also, have you tried a men's dress shirt (with a collar)? You can wear them under most any business casual type dress suit and it looks great. They tend to be a little bigger. 


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  • I just bought a few of these, one in white. With a nude/tan bra, it works

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  • I have a few!  I got them out of the "Workout" area of Motherhood and Old Navy.  They aren't anything fancy, just white t-shirts.  The ON ones are nice fitting and have a bit of stretch, the Motherhood ones jst kind of hang there, I am not the biggest fan, I feel very tentish in those!
  • Calvin Klein. The fabric is very soft and thick so no bra show-thru. I am super busty and get lots of looks anyway. No need to encourage them by showing the lingerie!

    Edit: Here is the link. It is in the men's section but form fitting.

  • I am actually wearing a white 3/4 sleeve shirt from Motherhood today. I am wearing a cami under it only because it helps with my full panel pants but I don't think this shirt would be to see through if I didn't have on a cami. I think they make these same style shirt in long sleeve and short sleeve too. 
  • Gap has a few that are pretty opaque, just wear them with a nude or tan bra.
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  • Liz Lange Maternity at Target
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  • never owned a white top that wasn't see though
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